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Orthodontic Associates

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With a focus on orthodontics for children, teens and adults, Orthodontic Associates specializes in providing state-of-the-art orthodontic care for the entire family in a caring patient-centered environment. Whether you are 6 or 60 Dr. Karker and his knowledgeable staff are committed to helping you achieve the smile you deserve - a healthy, beautiful one!

Early Orthodontic Treatment
Some bite problems are much easier to treat if they are caught at an early age. That's why all children should have an orthodontic evaluation by age 7, even if it's not yet time to begin treatment. Learn more about Early Orthodontic Treatment.

Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment
It is preferable to treat many orthodontic problems during adolescence while the body is still growing rapidly. In later years, when the bones of the face and jaws are fully developed, many conditions become more difficult (and costly) to treat. Learn more about Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment
Adult Orthodontics Video
If you think you've missed your chance to have beautiful, straight teeth, think again! Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, so there's no such thing as being too old for braces. However, orthodontic treatment for adults is different in certain respects than it is for a growing child. Learn more about Adult Orthodontic Treatment.

Types of Braces
Braces are fixed orthodontic appliances attached to the teeth that normally are not removed until treatment is complete. You may already be familiar with traditional metal braces, but there are also less noticeable alternatives available. Learn more about the Types of Braces.

Invisalign® Clear Orthodontic Aligners
Invisalign Clear Aligners Video
Removable clear aligners offer adults and teens a nearly invisible alternative to traditional metal braces. They also allow easy cleaning of your teeth each day and can even be taken out for important social occasions. Learn more about Invisalign Clear Orthodontic Aligners.

Other Types of Orthodontic Appliances
We can make use of a variety of special appliances when braces alone aren't enough to move teeth into a better position, to correct various other conditions, and to secure the teeth in their new and improved position. These appliances include:

Orthodontic Headgear
Thumb & Finger Appliances
Orthodontic Retainers
Palatal Expanders
Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS)
Corrective Jaw Surgery
When the relationship between the teeth and jaws is causing a serious orthodontic problem, surgery may be recommended. Conditions treated surgically may include underbites and congenital abnormalities (birth defects) related to jaw development.

Hygiene & Post-Orthodontic Care
Once you've invested in orthodontic treatment, you'll want to make sure to keep your smile healthy and looking great.

Brushing & Flossing with Braces
Post Orthodontic Care
Orthodontic Emergencies
Genuine orthodontic emergencies are rare, but it's a good idea to know what can happen and what to do. Learn more about Orthodontic Emergencies.

Ubicación: Atlanta, Georgia, Estados Unidos

1455 Klondike Rd SW Conyers, GA 30094 Estados Unidos

Sitio web:

Teléfono:   (770) 483-5260



Orthodontic Associates

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Orthodontic Associates
1455 Klondike Rd SW Conyers, GA 30094 Estados Unidos
Atlanta, Georgia, Estados Unidos

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